Peter J. Earle

Former Maun resident Peter J Earle proudly shows off his first two novels.

Writing stories has alway been as essential to me as, well, breathing. I would write in the chow queue or lying on a torpedo when at action-stations in the Navy. I would tell stories before I could write them. When I was eight, I wrote an adventure where the two baddies were brothers named Ted and Edward, not knowing that they were the same name! Only when the reality of supporting a family made it impossible to find the time to write, did I not write, although everywhere I looked there were possible plots and interesting characters. Now that I have retired I can write full time. All my stories have a Southern African background.

At boarding school, after lights-out, Peter J Earle was telling stories before he could write.

He has been an agricultural field technician, a concrete foreman, a farm manager, a stock feed salesman, a site surveyor, an auctioneer, owned his own construction company, had his own second-hand shop and a backpackers’ hostel. He has been in prison in Zambia, owned a boat on the Okavango Delta, sung in a band and has over sixty parachute jumps to his credit.

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