The Barros Pawns

  • Title: The Barros Pawns
  • Author: Peter J. Earle
  • Publisher: PJE Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0-620-42882-8
  • Edition: 2009 / First
  • Covers: Softback
  • Size: 222 x 152mm
  • Extent: 336 pages
  • Price: R 165.00
  • Availability: All good bookstores
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Four tons of strategically placed high explosive lies waiting... who will push the button?

As Mozambique struggles towards independence, there are many in Africa who would do anything to stop it. Mozambique can't rely on its neighbours for support - Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia under the rule of Ian Smith each have their own agenda. Covertly within Mozambique four tons of explosives are planted, once detonated they will blow Africa's fragile future apart - but who planted them and who will push the button? The stakes are high when Barros, a businessman with his own battles to fight lures a group of South African skydivers to Mozambique to form part of a special mercenary force. Unwittingly the skydivers become pawns in a deadly game...

Peter J Earle is back with another page-turner: The Barros Pawns – survival, greed, betrayal and a twist in the tail so credible you can’t help thinking: “Did this happen?

Readers' Forum Book Club

A rip roaring ride through Mozambique during the struggle for independence. An instructive read that rings true. The book reads at a fast pace. I could not put the book down. A jolly good blood and guts.

Captain Stephan Bayman

Peter Earle has created a riveting story with rugged characters centred loosely on historical events in Southern Africa. He knows his subject well, as he has been there and commandingly describes the conditions, the moods and atmosphere to thrill the reader. This story will not disappoint the action/adventure reader.

L. Barrington -

At boarding school, after lights-out, Peter J Earle was telling stories before he could write.

He has been an agricultural field technician, a concrete foreman, a farm manager, a stock feed salesman, a site surveyor, an auctioneer, owned his own construction company, had his own second-hand shop and a backpackers’ hostel. He has been in prison in Zambia, owned a boat on the Okavango Delta, sung in a band and has over sixty parachute jumps to his credit.

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