A double murderer with a one way ticket to hell… 

John Stafford is travelling home one night when he is caught speeding by two police officers. The situation is tense, and as the police taunt John beyond endurance, he shoots them both dead. Shortly after fleeing the scene, John discovers that his wife has left him. Determined to escape from his now shattered life, John obtains a false passport and sets off to join the Rhodesian Army. First though, to stop unwanted questions being asked, he has to convince everyone that he is dead. From the frying pan, he leaps into the fire of the Rhodesian bush-war and finds himself caught up in the bitter struggle for freedom and survival.

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As Mozambique struggles towards independence, there are many in Africa who would do anything to stop it. Mozambique can’t rely on its neighbours for support – Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia under the rule of Ian Smith each have their own agenda. Covertly within Mozambique four tons of explosives are planted, once detonated they will blow Africa’s fragile future apart – but who planted them and who will push the button? The stakes are high when Barros, a businessman with his own battles to fight lures a group of South African skydivers to Mozambique to form part of a special mercenary force. Unwittingly the skydivers become pawns in a deadly game…

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An English safari client dies in an African hunting tragedy. Or is it an accident? His daughter flies to the wild Okavango Delta of Botswana to find out, as CID detective Sergeant Dice Modise of the Botswana Police investigates. It is not the only case in his busy schedule: A girl is raped by three men who believe they now have the cure for their AIDS affliction because a powerful witchdoctor with a grudge has told them so. Then there is another death that may not be a tragic accident, and when the English girl is kidnapped, it is a desperate race against time by Modise and his game-guide friend, Nick Cahill, to find her alive.

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MPO-cover 2

From the town of Maun on the edge of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, two men go missing. One is a sacrifice to powerful medicine; the other is in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only witness sees nothing except the fateful blow that ends a life before he flees in terror. However, the killer doesn’t know that, so maybe fear alone can’t keep his mouth shut…

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CA-cover 2

An Afro-Pop singer visits an orphanage in Maun, Botswana to find the child her own mother forced her to relinquish twelve years before, provoking an altercation with the owner. She asks her old school-friend, Dice Modise, now a Detective Sergeant in Botswana’s CID, for help. When the orphanage secretary disappears and the singer is murdered, Dice won’t stop digging until he gets answers. Soon, his own life is on the line as a hideous business of trafficking begins to see the light of day.

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