Hunter's Venom

  • Title: Hunter's Venom
  • Author: Peter J. Earle
  • Publisher: PJE Publishing
  • ASIN: B007H06C94
  • Edition: 2012 / First
  • Covers: Kindle
  • Extent: 285 pages
  • File size: 554 KB
  • Price: £1.95
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  • Hunter's Venom [Kindle Edition]

... Brutal murder....
a new will, an old revenge, a rape cure for aids...


An English safari client dies in an African hunting tragedy. Or is it an accident? His daughter flies to the wild Okavango Delta of Botswana to find out, as CID detective Sergeant Dice Modise of the Botswana Police investigates. It is not the only case in his busy schedule: A girl is raped by three men who believe they now have the cure for their AIDS affliction because a powerful witchdoctor with a grudge has told them so. Then there is another death that may not be a tragic accident, and when the English girl is kidnapped, it is a desperate race against time by Modise and his game-guide friend, Nick Cahill, to find her alive.

They are all well-paced, tightly plotted thrillers that demonstrate an acute love of modern Africa, a respect for the wildlife, a deep regard for the different peoples and a sharp eye for detail. When you read this novel you are placed firmly in the setting - not the touristy, feminine Botswana of Lady Detectives but in the authentic reality of a vibrant and varied country. This is (I hope) the first of a series of novels concerning a police sergeant called Dice Modise. It is a murder mystery turning on an inheritance interlaced with the fear and superstition resulting from the terrifying spread of AIDS across Africa. It is a brilliant read. The narrative voice is strong and familiar from the author's other books. The characters are compelling and vivid. They are also very real and not like the cartoonish ones you find on the tv and the baddy is delightfully poisonous. If you are a fan of traditional African thrillers you will love this.

Joanne Smith -

At boarding school, after lights-out, Peter J Earle was telling stories before he could write.

He has been an agricultural field technician, a concrete foreman, a farm manager, a stock feed salesman, a site surveyor, an auctioneer, owned his own construction company, had his own second-hand shop and a backpackers’ hostel. He has been in prison in Zambia, owned a boat on the Okavango Delta, sung in a band and has over sixty parachute jumps to his credit.

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