Medicinal Purposes Only

  • Title: Medicinal Purposes Only
  • Second in Sgt. Dice Modise series
  • Author: Peter J. Earle
  • Publisher: PJE Publishing
  • To be coming soon to you!!

Keep an eye out for the next thriller in the Sgt. Dice Modise series!

From the town of Maun on the edge of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, two men go missing. One is a sacrifice to powerful medicine; the other is in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only witness sees nothing except the fateful blow that ends a life before he flees in terror. However, the killer doesn't know that, so maybe fear alone can't keep his mouth shut...

Sergeant Dice Modise's girlfriend is an illegal immigrant from Zimbabwe, a fact he chooses to ignore. He also avoids the idea that the vegetable farm where she works just might be growing cannabis, until she also goes missing.

As Dice's intuition closes in on the butcher, so the killer is closing in on him, with an informer passing on his every move. Perhaps his friend, game-guide Nick Cahill might track him down before it is too late, when Dice himself disappears?

At boarding school, after lights-out, Peter J Earle was telling stories before he could write.

He has been an agricultural field technician, a concrete foreman, a farm manager, a stock feed salesman, a site surveyor, an auctioneer, owned his own construction company, had his own second-hand shop and a backpackers’ hostel. He has been in prison in Zambia, owned a boat on the Okavango Delta, sung in a band and has over sixty parachute jumps to his credit.

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